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Kindermusik is the #1 provider of music and movement education for children. Our research-based curriculum boosts brain development and social-emotional growth, while helping little ones establish a lifelong love of learning.

Professional Development Training

Did you know Kindermusik offers live virtual or in-person, or on-demand training? Our interactive sessions are anything but boring, and you'll walk away with effective strategies to boost learning, self-regulation, and more for the children you serve.

Let's Accelerate Learning...Together.

Exceed school readiness goals and watch your students SOAR with music! 

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"Kindermusik is engaging, fun, and super easy to follow, both for myself and for the students. It’s amazing to see how easily ALL of our English learners are singing right along!" 

- Madeline Aragon, Escondido Union School District (EUSD), Escondido, CA

Nurture. Support. Streamline.

Kindermusik meets three critical needs for early childhood development.

Nurture the Whole Child

Our curriculum targets all four lobes of the brain, spurring everything from fine motor skills to self-regulation, through both in-person and digital instruction. 

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"We’ve seen the growth...once they started participating in Kindermusik, our students [increased] their language vocabulary.

– Gladys Burgos, Learning Through Play PreK, The Bronx, NY

Streamline Tools for Educators

Easy-to-follow activity guides, audio instruction, translations, and an organized digital resource library allows teachers to focus on the children , not the legwork. 

Support Family Connection

Kindermusik programs are designed to include families. Our robust physical and digital home material sets make at-home learning and bonding easy and fun! 

A toddler plays with an age-appropriate instrument during Kindermusik class...just one of the many ways we support and nurture whole-child development.
Kindermusik kids play with sandblocks during class. Our pre-planned lessons make it easy for teachers to concentrate on individual and group milestones!
A mom and child continue the Kindermusik experience with digital home materials.

The Proof Is In...

Kindermusik activities are designed to encourage multisensory learning, stimulating multiple areas of the brain at once. And when young children are consistently engaged with music in an age-appropriate, socially accepting environment, developmental benefits multiply. 

Children in Special Education classes demonstrated significant self-regulation improvements after incorporating Kindermusik into their curriculum.

Kindermusik Impacts Social-Emotional Learning 

Children in Special Education classes demonstrated significant self-regulation improvements after incorporating Kindermusik into their curriculum. 

Children who participated in Kindermusik showed 32% more improvement on the PALS test than others.

Just 30 Minutes Per Week Increases Literacy Skills

Children who participated in Kindermusik showed 32% more improvement on the PALS test than others. 

Times are different. 

We want to help!

"Parents [tell us] Kindermusik has helped them read and speak to their children more, and become closer by spending quality time together.”  

Education Coordinator, Jurupa, CA

Build Knowledge AND Confidence

Training benefits include: 

  • Live virtual workshop options
  • On-demand workshop options
  • Research-based practices
  • Easy-to-use strategies 
  • Instruction from seasoned Kindermusik educators
  • A new network of ongoing support

Walk Away with Tangible Resources

At a minimum, our trainees receive:

  • Certificates of completion
  • Takeaway handouts
  • Digital access to select Kindermusik tracks

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"[Our trainer] did a beautiful job of relating child developmental domains to behaviors, and selecting appropriate activities and transitions to support our children's success.”  

Parent Educator, Children and Youth Partnership for Dare County, Manteo, NC

Five Levels. Digital Access. Continual Joy. 

Kindermusik products, programs, and curricula make a positive impact for all organizations serving young children. With more than 60 themed units to choose from across the age spans, our curriculum offers the flexibility that allows you to match your program needs.

Send the Learning Home

Our physical and digital home material options make it easy to fuel connection and at-home learning. Development really soars when children continue the Kindermusik experience with their families! 

Kindermusik's digital resources make it easy to learn anywhere.

Boost ELL Strategies and Meet Alignment Goals

Translations are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and French, and Kindermusik aligns with PCFE, ELOF, CLASS™, and CASEL.

Give Teachers an All-Inclusive Kit

Newborn-18 Months

Level 1
1-2 Years

Level 2
2-3 Years

Level 3
3-4 Years

Level 4
4-5 Years

Our Foundations Level curriculum encompasses ages 0-18 months.
Our Level 1 curriculum encompasses ages 1-2.
Our Level 2 curriculum encompasses ages 4-5.
Our Level 4 curriculum encompasses ages 3-4.
Our Level 4 curriculum encompasses ages 4-5.
Kindermusik's complete kits come with books, age-appropriate instruments, digital access and more.
Kindermusik's physical and digital materials are available in multiple languages and align with standards like ELOF and CLASS!

Customized Training Options Available

Whether you need guidance with a brand new kit or a brush-up on best Kindermusik teaching practices, we have options that fit every organization's need, size, and goals! 

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Schools
  • Head Start
  • Early Head Start
  • Childcare Centers or In-Home Care
  • Special Needs Classrooms

  • Family Nurse Practitioners
  • Home Visitors
  • Libraries/Librarians
  • Music Teachers
  • Homeschool Learning Pods
  • 0-3 Programs
  • English Language Learning Classrooms

Who Can Use Kindermusik?

From classrooms to libraries to in-home settings, Kindermusik can work for you! Plus, our digital access supports virtual learning! 

On-demand OR Live Virtual/In-Person Workshops

Choose from sessions on music rituals, music and movement pairings, and read-aloud strategies.

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