We’re On the Case with Mira, Royal Detective!

Join Kindermusik for a Virtual or In-Person Musical Experience with Mira!

What Can I Expect from a Kindermusik Class?

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Designed for young toddlers-age 7, this one-time class will transport you to a magical Indian-inspired world where Mira is an official detective for the crown.  

You’ll help her solve mysteries to the beat, develop skills like pattern recognition, and delight in this creative 45-minute experience!

Kindermusik experiences stimulate all areas of the brain, touching on critical whole-childhood development.

Join Mira and Kindermusik for an Unforgettable Experience!


What is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is the world’s leading music-and-movement program for children from birth to age seven. We are a global community of early childhood educators dedicated to using the power of music to help children learn and develop in the best way possible through our award-winning, research-based, and developmentally-appropriate curricula.

Our one-time experiences (like this one with Mira!) are a 45-minute music and movement class, built around a theme in either a virtual or in-person setting. 

And it’s more than just fun...when paired with multi-sensory play, music creates neurological magic, lighting up a child’s brain and positively impacting all areas of development!

Move, groove, sing, and dance with Kindermusik and the star of Disney Junior’s latest animated series, Mira, Royal Detective!